Starch is one of the most multi-functional materials in the food industry. Potato starch is obtained by the mechanical separation of starch granules from other components of the potato, and then rinsing, cleaning, drying and sifting. Starch is a polysaccharide acting as the backup material of plants. The crystal structures of the starch grains are formed by the starch macromolecules; that is amylopectin macromolecules of linear amylose. Amylose and amylopectin differ in many important features, because the proportion in which they appear in a certain type of starch is determined by its physicochemical properties.

In some parts its natural properties are used for gel formation and densification. In the food industry and pharmacy, starch is used to provide a particular product with a suitable texture, appearance (forms), moisture, consistency and stability during storage.


  • The meat industry as a thickener, for improving material structure,
  • Production of food concentrates as a thickener for powdered foods (sauces, soups, puddings, jellies), ketchups and sauces,
  • Baking of bread as a component to enhance water retention, for retarding staling of bread and as an additive in pastry products,
  • The textile industry for bonding yarn starching, dyeing, satin finishing, printing, dressing,
  • The paper industry for bonding paper pulp, satin
  • Bookbinding,
  • The chemical industry for the manufacture of adhesives, dextrin, explosives,
  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for the manufacture of baby powder, talcs and palletizing medicines.



  • Potato starch- paper valve bags 25 kg, packing big-bag or tank trucks.
  • Potato flour – paper bags A’0.5 kg and A’1 kg.
  • Potato starch for pharmaceutical purposes – paper valve bags 25 kg.

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