Maltodextrin is a white hygroscopic spray-dried powder enzymatically derived from potato starch. Maltodextrin is characterized by slight sweetness, easy digestibility, high viscosity, ready solubility, and high hygroscopic properties. With a wide range of starch depolymerisation (DE) maltodextrins have a diverse composition of sugar mix.  They emulsify, stabilize, fill, glue, and aerate. They also prolong freshness, reduce sweetness, highlight taste and smell and delay the process of crystallization.


Maltodextrin, due to its composition and properties has been widely used in various branches of the food industry:

  • as a universal carrier in the drying process for juices, colours and flavours,
  • in the production of baby and infant foods, used as a replacement for starch which is more easily absorbed by the young organism, an important carbohydrate component in a formula and nutritional flours,
  • in the production of confectionery as component of all kinds of pomades and joints, improves alignment relative humidity, protects against hardening and crystallization of sugars, acts positively on the sweet taste and plasticity of products (including hard caramels, stuffed sugared almonds, custard pastry),
  • improves the consistency of baked products, regulates the viscosity of the dough, its fragility and porosity, prevents excessive drying, prolongs freshness ( yeast cakes, rusks, biscuits, wafers, fillings for cakes, creams for cakes),
  • in powdered food products (sauces, soups, condiments, fruit extracts) improves the nutritional value, facilitates liquefaction, improves emulsifying and stabilizing increases the equilibrium in relative humidity,
  • owing to highly developed surface area as a carrier for flavours, colours and fats,
  • in production of nutritional-health drinks that allow you to increase dry extract, reduce sweetness, enhance the effect of aromatic substances (drinks and fruit syrups, drinks and isotonic regeneration),
  • in production of drugs such as lozenges and expectorant syrups, vitamins and mineral supplements,
  • in production of frozen food (ice cream, creams, desserts) increases the freezing point, promotes increase and stabilization of foam,
  • In the meat industry aids the maturation of meat and accelerates the formation of nitrosamyloglobin (pink colour of meat).


  • Maltodextrin N,
  • Maltodextrin S,
  • Maltodextrin W.


  • Paper valve bags 25 kg,
  • Packing big-bag.


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